You all are aware of the sovereignty of LinkedIn in B2B marketing.

The reason being its effectiveness in capturing more than 80% of the business leads on social media. Designed solely for professional networking, it enhances the visibility of your posts amongst your followers. All the more, it endows you the benefits of searching leads based on a number of search criteria and segregate your LinkedIn connections by tagging them.
Will it be of any use to talk about the best practices of using LinkedIn to target your B2B clients?
Yeah!You are already cognisant with them.What if we give you certain insights you might not be aware of?

1. Always send a connection request to your 2nd and 3rd degree connections with a personalised message.People tend to send huge number of connection requests on LinkedIn. Yet, fail to lure their target audience; reason being the absence of personalised touch to these connection requests.With Linkedomata, you can automate LinkedIn connection requests with a personalised message and expand your network in shorter period of time.

2. Engage consistently with your LinkedIn connections.
Besides just posting content or updates on LinkedIn, engage with your target audience. Get to know their interests, send personalised messages on LinkedIn, and e-mails offering subscription to your content and services. However, don’t be promotional; rather focus on being conversational and building relations.

3. Segment your 1st Degree LinkedIn connections by tagging them.
Using tags based on location, industry, interaction history and others, you can segment your target audience into categories.It helps to determine their stage of sales cycle.With Linkedomata, you can automate tagging your LinkedIn connections your LinkedIn connections and categorise them.

4. Always follow up your newly added connections with a personalised message.
Doing so augments your alliance with your target audience. Further, it creates an awareness of your brand amongst your connections. With LinkedIn Automation tool, you can automate messages to your LinkedIn connections..

5. Don’t forget to create a back-up of your LinkedIn connections to interact with them even outside LinkedIn. The list of LinkedIn connections obtained can be used for your e-mail campaigns as well. Linkedomata allows you to create aback-up of LinkedIn connections and you can share the list amongst your peers.

The real value of these practices will be known when you start inculcating them in your marketing efforts and success will be on your cards.